Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post my classified?

If you are already a member, click on the "POST NOW!" button on the top left. Select your category that best suits your item/service you are selling or looking to buy, and then complete the form with the information that best describes what you are selling or looking for.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by clicking the "Create Account" link in the menu above. Complete the form with your information and click the "CONTINUE SIGNUP" button. A message will be sent to your e-mail address to verify that it is yours. Click the link included in the e-mail to confirm your signup, and you may begin placing classifieds immediately.

Can I place a classified without signing up?

If you do not wish to become a member to post classifieds, please feel free to call (709) 576-3733 or toll free 1-800-576-3285 to place your ad. You can also text your classified to 709-986-FREE(3733), or email the details to

How do I update my Classifieds?

When you are signed in, click "My Classifieds" from the members menu. From there you can manage the classifieds you have placed.

How do I edit my personal information?

When you are signed in, click the "Edit Profile" menu item from the members menu.

I'm getting too many search results. What's wrong?

When you enter more than one word into the search, both words get searched, and the most relevant matches will appear first. To match an exact phrase, you can use quotation marks, for example "XBOX 360" would only find classifieds with that exact phrase. To disclude keywords, use a minus sign. For example xbox -360 will show all results for xbox without 360. Use the plus sign for 'must include'. For example +XBOX +game will only find classifieds which contain both words.

The verification email to confirm my signup still has not arrived, what do I do?

First check your spam/junk folder in your e-mail program.

Some free email services may block or filter our emails automatically at any time, and unfortunately we have no control over this.

If the verification code has not arrived within a few hours, your spam settings could be set too high.

You can try adding to your email contacts or safe senders, and then signup again. If that does not work, you might want to ask your email provider for assistance. Alternatively if you think there may be a problem on our end, please contact us with your email address so we can check our mail logs.

How do Wanted/Freebies/Trade & Barter work?

When you choose either of the options of "Wanted", "Offering Free Item/Service", or "Trade/Barter" when placing your classified, your classified will be placed in the category you have chosen AND in either of the wanted categories, the freebies category, or the trades & barter category respectively. This is done automatically for your convenience, doubling the chances your classified will be seen.